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Once you join - SPE will have a lot more to offer than what you may have already seen or heard about us, so we hope you’ll appreciate all the Society’s information value and consider that bit of money a good investment!

Member Requirements

  • Employment in work related to the petroleum industry, AND
  • A university degree equivalent to a 4-year Bachelors degree in engineering or basic or applied sciences; OR a 2-year science or engineering degree or a 4-year degree in a field other than science or engineering; OR 6 years of active practice in support of petroleum engineering or in the application of science to the petroleum industry.

SPE Membership Information

Why Join SPE?     up  

For more than 50 years, SPE has been the technical and professional home for those engaged in all aspects of the upstream oil and gas industry. Whether it’s learning about a new directional drilling technique in a workshop in Prague, mentoring a recent graduate in Argentina, or offering an idea in an online technical community, the common bond of SPE members is the sharing of knowledge that keeps the E&P industry sustainable.

Worldwide, more than 88,000 engineers, scientists, managers, and academicians in 100+ countries have joined the member-run Society. All have access to the breadth of member benefits – many online and all unique to SPE. Shouldn't you be a part of this vibrant, thriving community? The brightest minds of the E&P industry are members of SPE. Join the diverse, worldwide community, and be part of the industry's bright future.

Not just for engineers

Although engineers are the core of SPE's membership, not all SPE members are engineers. Solving the industry's challenges requires a multidisciplinary effort, and SPE is a place for all of today's industry professionals, regardless of experience or course of study. Facilities, management, information technology, environmental, and safety issues are all part of the resources needed to expand and deliver the supply of oil and natural gas the world needs. All those who work in these areas will find a home in SPE.

Registration by filling hardcopy form     up  

If you find more convenient to fill a hardcopy form - please print it out by the following link , fill it and send to Caludia Rodionova crodionova (at)  spe.org.

Student Membership Form of standard resolution (PDF, 1 Mb) and of high resolution (PDF, 3,5 Mb). Now available in English only.

Now To Join SPE online by SPE.ORG website     up  

You’ll need a credit/debit card and this link http://www.spe.org/spe-app/spe/membership/joinspe/online_mem_app.htm

When you click “qualify” – you’ll be asked whether you’ve registered at spe.org before – for the first time you’ll have to choose the bottom option “I have never registered on the SPE website before”

Then you just look at the page and follow directions – it should be rather straightforward, once you start filling personal information – try not to interrupt this process till you’re taken to the check-out.

Once payment confirmed - you’ll get a receipt in your mail-box and SPE membership card with first JPT in about one month time (please note that this is an annual fee that expires by the end of a given calendar year). Please make sure you provide all possible details and indicate address you’ll want your JPT print copy to come to.

If for whatever reason you couldn’t finish (including pay) in one go – you may come back at any convenient time, use the same link, click “qualify” but then your pick should be the top option of “I already have a login on the SPE website” – you then will be taken to filling data again.

If through this second attempt you’ll see an “error” page or your card will not be accepted, please do contact membership director on the e-mail that’s provided at http://www.spe-hantos.org/directors/ or contact SPE service at service@spe.org.

If you need us then we need you – you’re always Welcome!

SPE membership dues payment at www.spe.org     up  

You can pay SPE membership dues at www.spe.org. Please use following link: http://www.spe.org/spe-app/spe/membership/renew/index.htm. Note, that you will need valid credit card.

At this page click link "Professional members: Renew online with a credit card" or "Student members: Renew your student membership".

If you’ll see an “error” page or your card will not be accepted, please do contact membership director on the e-mail that’s provided at http://www.spe-hantos.org/directors/ or contact SPE service at service@spe.org.

Rouble payments of SPE membership     up  

Now you can pay SPE membership dues in Russian Rubles. Please contact SPE Moscow Office in order to get bank details for payment in Rubles:

Jkharitchenko (at) spe.org

Akozmina (at) spe.org

crodionova (at) spe.org

Phone: +7 (495) 748 35 88

Company Payment of Dues for Employees     up  

Companies with many SPE members may find it convenient to pay dues for their member employees in a single payment. If your company is interested in this option, please contact service@spe.org for more information.

Reinstatement for full SPE members     up  

Two options are available for reinstatements:

Former full members who allowed their membership to lapse may complete an application form and either (1) keep their original join date by paying all dues owed during the years lapsed plus the current years dues and a reinstatement fee of $20, or (2) receive a new join date by paying current dues plus a reinstatement fee of $20. (the SPE member number stays the same with either option.)

To inquire as to the amount owed if you elect to pay back dues, please send a request to service@spe.org.

If you select to reinstate your membership and have a new join date assigned (not pay back dues), you can use the new member application located at http://www.spe.org/spe-app/spe/membership/joinspe/online_mem_app.htm Please make sure you login to the site with your already existing login/password and do NOT register as a new user. (this will create a duplicate account)

If you need your login details, please email Service@spe.org or jkharitchenko@spe.org and provide your full name, address, and date of birth.

If you wish to pay back dues (paying all dues missed to keep your original join date with SPE) , you can access the form online at http://www.spe.org/spe-app/spe/membership/reinstate/index.htm (prepayment by credit card is required with the online submission) Mark the box to pay all back dues on the form.

Your SPE membership number will remain the same unless your information has dropped off our database and then a new number will be assigned. You will be automatically assigned a new election/join date unless you mark the box to pay back dues.

SPE professional membership benefits. Where you are...     up  

  • A membership of more than 88,000 in 115+ countries creating a global network of knowledge and experience
  • Local meetings through more than 165 SPE Sections connecting you with industry professionals in your area
  • Young Professional programs enabling professionals age 35 and under to function as an international team, sharing in career advancement opportunities and more
  • World-renowned SPE Distinguished Lecturer Program bringing global industry experts to speak to local SPE Sections
  • Specialized online communities giving you local access to the global experience of SPE members worldwide
  • Each year, more than 100 regional and international conferences and workshops are offered providing convenient access and comprehensive technical coverage

SPE professional membership benefits. What you do...     up  

  • A wide range of programs, products, and services benefiting not only engineers, but practically every type of professional working in the oil and gas industry
  • Specialized technical information in SPE’s peer-reviewed journals providing focused, reviewed technical information
  • A monthly subscription to the industry’s most reliable and credible technology resource, the Journal of Petroleum Technology (JPT)
  • Community outreach resources like Energy4me offering you tools to teach young people about energy
  • Knowledge sharing through the eMentoring program allowing experienced members to share their expertise with younger members
  • Opportunities for industry recognition through prestigious awards programs honoring members for their professional contributions to SPE and the industry

SPE professional membership benefits. What you need...     up  

  • Discounted member registration to conferences, workshops, and courses giving you direct access to innovative technologies, technical knowledge, and interaction with colleagues to help you continue your professional development
  • Special member pricing on books and subscriptions to peer-reviewed journals supplying you with professional resources you can use everyday
  • OnePetro, one of the industry’s largest online technical libraries allowing you to search, purchase, and download more than 80,00 technical documents from multiple professional societies
  • Opportunities to publish and present technical papers in a journal or at a conference allowing you to share knowledge with your peers
  • Leadership and volunteer opportunities helping you build industry relationships though service to the society
  • A Career Center with tools aiding your continuous development of new skills

Support for Members     up  

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